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Education is for all, not just those lucky enough to get good schooling and all education should be acknowledged.

This site is structured to make it seem like you are at work.  You therefore apply for a job here (rather than register), you show your pass to get in (rather than login), etc..  All education is used to further the goals of society as well as those of each of us personally.  We feel it is easier to break the work down into small chunks (which we call atoms) in the same way you would break down a task at work.  You can then build up these small tasks into a bigger achievement - in the same way as you would at work.  Combining a work environment with one for learning will then make it more relevant and blur the transition between the two.  Both work and learning should be life-long processes that help you to feel you have value - which, of course, we all do.  However, current educational methods tend to hide that message for many.  Here you will be valued.

This is our attempt to find that way by providing a free, open access site to promote learning.  The site is free to both learners (which is all of us) and those involved as teachers and lecturers. The site allows knowledge to be broken down into "atoms" of learning in a way which encourages people to view it in their preferred style; reading, hearing or watching. This site is based on three underpinning concepts.

Learning Style Independence

No matter how good we are at presenting information, there are always those who see the world differently.  We try to present things in an interesting manner which helps our students.  However, if teachers break the topics down into small chunks, their learners may prefer the overview first.  If teachers think it best to present this topic visually, a section of the learners may prefer to hear it or manipulate it manually in some way.  Also, classes are timetabled for teacher to present our materials at times that may not suit those in them.  Many may work best at different times of the day or even outside the classroom.  This site seeks to overcome these problems.

Record Keeping

The current system of paper qualifications is a mess.  Paper is fine as a back up, but a good electronic system would be much more enduring.  This site will record which pieces of learning have been achieved (making monitoring of staff and student performance easier).  Later, you will also be able to add scans of existing paper qualifications and get those verified.  You will then be able to assign temporary views to others, such as potential employers.  These temporary views will only show those areas of personal information you select and will only last as long as you say they will last.


Why should we only be credited with classroom achievements?  Surely, if we complete atoms on hieroglyphics or the correct use of spanners then these should also be recorded. Education would then move towards the interests of the individual as well as cover the core knowledge society requires.  Potential employers and admissions tutors would then get a more detailed and rounded view - something that would benefit all concerned.

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You are applying for a management job in a large media company.  The job will require working with a wide range of artists, producers and promoters to co-ordinate projects.   You have heard that your boss-to-be demands everything is done "right".  As part of the interview process, you have to write an objective article on a web site.


Write an objective article about O-VL explaining what it does, its good points and its bad points.




Graded by: Andy Wicks
Date: 3 March 2012
This is a good start, but you seem to have missed the section on how much chocolate to add when baking cakes for your lecturers.  Can you research the topic using Google, add that section in your own words and re-submit the work by Friday, please?

Graded by: Andy Wicks
Date: 10 March 2012
This is now complete and shows that you understand the dietary requirements of your lecturers.  Well done.  You are now ready to move on to the next atom on how to barbeque for lecturers.  As we agreed, please try to complete and submit the first draft before 17th March.